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You may have just done a marvelous presentation about your products or your services. You could have been well prepared, known your material cold, and presented it in a clear, engaging way that really interested your audience. Now what do you do? The last thing you say, is probably the last thing they’ll remember, because it’s freshest in their memories. With a few simple tips, you can learn how to bring your sales presentations home, and end them effectively.

If you’re trying to sell them something, you can use a price during your presentation that is higher than your price. Use it as the product “worth.” During your presentation enforce that the product is valuable and worth the high amount. Let them know it’s worth that price, and make them believe it is. Then, ask them who would want what you have to sell if it was free. Get them to show their hands, so you’ll know who was really interested. Then offer them the product at the real price. They’ll be happy to be getting a bargain, and you’ll make sales.

Sometimes sales presentations aren’t really called sales presentations. In fact, you’re may be doing a free presentation to a group of people because you have been invited. Still, you want to use this to help promote your services. You’ll be giving people things of value before they have even paid for anything. You can get more business, because you’ve taken advantage of an opportunity to talk to clients and potential clients.

At the end, you want to entice them. Offer to give them something they want from you. If there was information in your presentation that the audience really liked, offer to send them your slides. Get them to give you their cards with their email addresses and send them your information. You can offer them extra information that they might be interested in but entice them with something that they want at the end of your presentation.

When you contact them to give them the information, make sure to thank them for being interested in your information. Ask for their input. Tell them you’d like to know what they liked about the presentation. Ask them how it helped them in their present situation? This will enable you to get great feedback as well as possible testimonials. Feedback will be valuable for future presentations. You can learn what really worked, and sometimes what didn’t. Besides, once they have sent you their feedback on your presentation, if it’s good, you can ask them if you can quote them and use them as a reference for your presentation.

Offer them extra help if they need it. It’s never bad to extend a helping hand, and it may be good for your business in the future. Agree to talk about how to implement these ideas that you presented on and to see if they need any other help from you. You’d be surprised what that can do for your business reputation.

Ending your presentation with a bang is important, but the follow through is what brings it home. Word of mouth is a power marketing tool. If you give excellent information and extend a hand to those who want it, you’ll bring your presentation home.


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