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  • Speaking Trends – The simple way to keep on top of the cutting edge of trends in the world of speaking is let me do all the work and I email you when something BIG happens. For example did you know that powerpoint in presentations 99% of the time will BORE your audience. Most speakers have no clue on how to correctly use powerpoint.
  • Easy and Actionable Tips to Make Your Presentation Come To Life – “The 3 Things You MUST Have In Any Speech”. My tips are short and sweet (not 20 minutes long) I keep all content to the point so you can get the information you need faster and get on with your life!
  • How To Start Your Own Professional Speaking Career In 90 Days Or Less – I’ve trained many speakers on building their own speaking business from scratch, speaking on topics they love and know. Let me take you on a journey and reveal to you how to start your OWN speaking business to attract more clients, leads and sales than ever before!
  • How To Get FREE Seminar Rooms And Upgrades At Hotels – I literally get free hotel rooms and upgrades when I speak at conferences whether in Australia or overseas. It’s a simple technique that I teach all my students that works 99% of the time.
  • “How to” Speaking Secrets from Successful Aussie Public Speaking Professionals – Every month I put in the ‘Hot Seat’ a high profile public speaker and ask them the hard hitting questions (that my students submit). All questions and answers are sent to you via an audio download (100% Free Of Charge)
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About Alex Ryan
Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker
and Public Speaking Coach

Alex C Ryan has been helping individuals master their speaking skills and become better, confident and higher paid public speakers. He personally instructs his clients step-by-step how to launch their own coaching businesses enabling them to retire at an early age and work with more freedom.
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