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We all want to be heard when we speak. If you want to enhance your voice, as in being heard and listened to, here are some tips to do it.

  • Limit the number of times you speak– If there is too much of even a good thing, the value of it decreases. It’s the business theory of supply and demand. If your presentations are frequent and hard to get, then people want it more.
  • Speak clearly—The best speech in the world won’t be accepted if you use the wrong words. You must select your words carefully. Analyze your audience to know what they want to hear. If you do so, they will want to listen to, and will accept what you say
  • Speak to the appropriate audience—Sometimes it’s not what say, but who you say it too. Be selective of the speaking engagements you take. If there’s an audience you think you can’t cater your speech to, don’t accept it. Knowing your audience is important to help you be able to reach them. After you’ve selected your topic and content, if you’ve selected the audience and catered your speech to fit it, they will be open to what you’re saying and accept it
  • Confidence rules—Sometimes you’re asked to speak and you aren’t really an extroverted person. The thought of speaking in public makes your knees knock. Prepare for your speech and practice it. That will make you feel confident. Posture is a visual cue to your confidence, and the audience will sense your confidence right away. Stand straight and speak confidently, and the audience will be more eager to listen to you.
  • Don’t speak too loudly—There’s more to speaking than just the words you say. You should speak the words softly. It is a teacher secret that if you want your students to listen, lower your voice. They have to quiet down to understand what you’re saying. I’m not saying whisper, but speaking loudly will not make your “voice” be heard. Your voice is more than your volume and tone. Your voice is getting people your message across. If they have to listen, they’ll pay better attention. Speaking in a softer tone will help get your “voice” heard.
  • Speak from experience—Share your experiences with your audience. You will help the audience sense what you’re saying. They can relate what you’re saying to their own lives and better understand. Be careful not to embellish. Your audience will sense that, and you will lose confidence in you.
  • NEVER embellish– It is quite natural to want to turn up the heat on your words to attract the most attention possible. The problem with this tactic is that you are improperly establishing the expectations of your audience. You may initially receive more listeners, but they will quickly become disappointed as they are made aware of your enhancements.

The more you speak and follow these instructions, you’ll see their value. You will be able to let the audience hear your true “voice.” That’s what speaking is about!


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