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If you want to give a good speech and have your audience truly absorb what you’re presenting, you need to be a confident speaker. You don’t want an audience to be bored or to feel sorry for the poor speaker who had to give that speech and didn’t know what they were doing. This can cause them to concentrate on your inferiority rather than the message you’re presenting.

Your professional image is important. It’s the first thing an audience sees when you walk up to the stage. Here are a few tips to enhance your image and help you have a better image as a public speaker.

  • Your Personal Appearance is Important

Take the time to make sure you have a professional looking appearance before you take the stage. Make sure you dress appropriately for the group you’re speaking too. You should have clean clothing and be well groomed—hair, hands, nails, etc. If you paying attention to your appearance, you will display a professional image. This helps you feel confident, and therefore, will give you credibility to your audience.

  • Your Equipment Should Also be Neat

Your equipment should be neat just like you should be. If you have ragged looking notes, or poorly put together slides or handouts, you will look like an amateur. Make sure everything you use is neat and well put together. Just think…look like a pro, think like a pro, and you’ll be a pro. That will give you confidence and credibility.

  • Maintain Eye Contact With Your Audience

Connecting with the audience is important. One way to do that is to maintain eye contact. Make sure your notes are positioned properly. You don’t want to have to look down at them if you don’t have to. Keeping your notes at an angle allows you to glance without losing eye contact with your audience.

Take time to look directly at a few people in the audience while you speak. Hold the contact a few seconds and then look around. Making personal connections within the audience helps them accept you easier.

  • Make Sure to Use Good Posture.

Your mother probably told you to “stand up straight.” She was right. When you are speaking your posture shows you as a confident speaker. When you slouch, it can cause you to sound muffled and your audience may not be able to hear or comprehend what you’re saying.

  • Don’t Panic If You Have an Interruption

Sometimes the audience will interrupt you with comments or questions about what you’re talking about. Sometimes speakers can be thrown by this and get frustrated. Stay calm and demonstrate that you are a professional. Keep control of yourself and then your audience.

You can let the audience know you are glad they are interested in your topic, and they will have time at the end of your discussion to comment and ask questions. If your time is limited, remind them politely of that and again state they’ll have time at the end.

It’s human nature to feel a bit of nervousness when you speak. The importance is, “Never let them see you sweat.” Follow the above tips and maintain confident. It will help your self esteem and your image will be one of a confident speaker.


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