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Public speakers can often inspire an audience and make a profound difference in their lives. It never fails, that for some, going to a conference is just a little vacation from their lives, and they go back the same way they came. That’s why it’s so important to strive to inspire your audience and make changes in the way they look at life. Inspiration makes an impact.

Maybe you know that already, but you’re wondering how to do it. Inspiration should be a large motivating factor in your decision to become a public speaker. Whether you’re using public speaking as a vehicle to boost sales, acquire more customers, sell more products, or gain expert status in their eyes, if you inspire them, you’ll be a success.

To inspire means one thing—you need to move your audience. Your audience needs relate to you and the message you’re presenting. What it comes to is this, you can judge your success if you actually inspired your audience to do something. They need to want to do whatever it takes to solve some problem they have. You should strive to instill the feeling in your audience that they can do something because you made them feel like they could.

It all starts with making a connection with the audience. One way to do this is to understand what their pain is. Not physical pain, but an enemy of some kind. A mountain to climb, a competitor to beat, or any other number of obstacles they need to tackle. Every group you speak to will have one.

Another way to connect is to by not being afraid of showing your audience who you are. Show them you’re feeling during a speaking engagement. I don’t mean a lack of confidence or nervousness. You may be, but that shouldn’t show. Show them the energy and excitement you feel about what you’re talking about. Create and tell stories in your speech in an exciting manner that lets them feel they are living it with you. If you do that, and actually have the desire connect with you audience, you can relate to then on a deeper level.

You want to be more to your audience than a talking head. Before you connect, that’s what you are. They may be there because they have to be. Their supervisor may have sent them, and they may have no desire to hear what you have to say. You need to make them feel a connection to you to make that connection with what you’re telling them. You can tell when you have captivated your audience. They will actually be hanging on your every word.

You will never inspire an audience by reading from a teleprompter, printed note sheets or index cards. Just knowing the information isn’t enough. Having a great speaking voice isn’t the magic you need either. They key is to believe in yourself and the message you’re delivering. Then and only then will you have the power it takes to inspire people to take action in their lives. After all, if you don’t believe in yourself, why should they?


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