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If you want to get started in public speaking, sometimes it’s good to be part of a panel discussions. These are useful forums for people to gain large amounts of information on a topic by experts, scholars or leaders in a given field all at the same time. Panel discussions are often held by businesses, professional and academic organizations and fan conventions. Each of these panel discussions need someone to lead them. This is the moderator of the discussion. Moderating a panel effectively requires knowledge, preparation and the ability to organize time effectively and so that they can decide and recognize when it’s time to cut someone off.

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What kinds of people do you really listen to? Not those you let what they say go in one ear and out the other. I mean the ones you actually hear. Everyone has people in their lives like family, friends, teachers, media personalities, etc that when they open their mouth, you make sure you are focused on what they say. Why do you do it?

It’s all about who you value. Value is the relative worth, merit, importance. It’s about what you do with something that matters. What about words? Do you put a value on what people say? If you really listen, then you do.

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This can be a great tool for presentations, but it is often misused. The program is only as good as the person using it at the time. If you want to effectively use Power Point, then here’s what you should remember:

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  • The presentation should be a design, not a script. Designing your presentation makes it more interesting. Analyze your audience. By knowing its interests, needs, levels of education, etc. you can create an excellent outline of your presentation. It should include an opening, your objective, the main points, and if needed, a question and answer section, the conclusion, and finally the close. After you have all of these facts outlined, you can determine what you want on your slides. Make sure you use things that stick to each area, and use only relative information on your slides.

As a speaker, we all enjoy the praises of others. Feedback, positive or negative, has an effect on all human being. Things people say to us, and how they say them, affect our self esteem. Some people seem to take great pride in tearing others down. The problem is, they never take into consideration what else the person might be going through. Sometimes we feel that even the smallest insult is the straw that broke the camel’s back. It is very difficult to ignore that type of comment and move on with our lives.

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If you have to give a presentation, remember that you are an intelligent person. You’re bright and well educated. You can handle a board room, so when you speak, don’t leave your audience bored. Speaking in public is a skill that improves with practice. Speaking to the public the right way, can do a world of good if you know what you’re doing. Here are a few common mistakes or “wrongs” when giving a speech, and how you can do it “right.”

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  • WRONG: Starting with a boring introduction like thanking whoever gave your introduction.

In this video I reveal some of the do’s and dont’s of public speaking and how to avoid the common ‘traps’ of public speaking.


You are about to discover some of the BAD mistakes public speakers make and how to avoid them. I even find that some speaking experts who have been speaking for years STILL make these mistakes!

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