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You just ended your sales presentation and nobody is interested to buy them, what do you do?

Don’t panic, chances are you failed to connect with your audience and just pushed through with your speech without taking them into consideration.

Do a quick back pedal and ask, “Were you with me?” or “Do you want me to clarify some issues? Do something to break the resistance wall that you just ignored while you run through your presentation.

Selling from the stage is a tough job of connecting to many individuals with varied motives for being there. So, it is important that before you stand behind the podium and start your sales pitch, you have already researched the type of audience you have and if you have time, mingle with them for a while and start a conversation to try a get a “feel” of your audience, and in that way you are not a complete stranger to them which is one reason why your audience build up a wall of resistance.

Having established contact, you can use the names of a few you’ve met, to engage them in your talk by using them as an example. Your audience will connect with you if someone they know is used as a case study because they can relate to the person and will be more receptive to you.

In making a sales presentation on stage, stress the benefits that they would likely lose if they hesitate to take the opportunity of making an immediate decision.

Give them the options of buying now instead of later when the sale or promotion is over, quantify the amount they can save now. Cite the inflation rate, currency fluctuation or market supply and demand forces that will affect the current promotional price that you are offering.

Buyers or investors are driven with their desire to acquire something that will be profitable over time and letting them see how it can be financially advantageous for them will be a good push to make them decide. If they can clearly see the disparity of the price and the loss of benefits if they hesitate to buy at the present price, then chances are they will be amenable to your offer.

Closing a sales presentation whether on stage or not is about making a decision that will make your audience agree too.


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