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Professional speakers are like actors on stage, they  perform to sell an idea or product to their audience with their voice, facial expression and gestures.  They demonstrate their enthusiasm with showmanship not just by reading their speech or delivering a carefully memorized one in a dreary monotone, but in a passionate rendition that will trigger the same response from their  audience.

In public speaking, it is the voice that should be most of all commanding.  It should be clear and loud enough to be heard by the farthest of audience in the room or hall where you are speaking. Nothing is more frustrating for an audience than having to strain their ears to hear a speaker who whisper, mumble or stutter and having to pucker their foreheads to try to understand  their perplexing diction.

Your listeners expect and deserve to hear and understand you.

Practice delivering your speech before the actual presentation and record it and listen to yourself.  If  it is not what you would like to listen to, then improve on it. Practice more, aim to be understood clearly, pronounce your words well and pause to stress  a  point.  Make use of  pauses, to cover up your , “ah” moments.  Practice on your voice modulation after you’re sure you can deliver your speech distinctly.

While on stage, refrain from delivering  your speech with  a monotone, nothing can surpass it to make your audience drowse off  quickly.  Infuse your talk with passion, be exuberant, be excited by lilts in your voice with  facial expression and gestures to match it.  Don’t overdo it though, temper it with moderation and just the right decorum, so you will not lose your credibility with your audience.

Learn how to use your  vocal chords to make it sound commanding and authoritative, then cajoling and sweet alternately  to make your presentation animated to engage your audience. You don’t want to sit through a dull, monotonous speech do you?  So, be kind to your audience and give them something worth their while.

Not all great speakers  are born with great voices, but they learned to improve their voices by vocal exercises  and  constant practice.  So, follow what they are doing  rehearse often and exercise your vocal chords  to make your voice come out loud and clear, then learn how to modulate to make it pleasing to your audience’s ears.


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