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If you want to increase your sales, boost the moral of your employees, or reduce conflict, a good business presentation can get the job done. Sometimes you want to give financial presentations or give your staff a vision. Other times, you want to acknowledge the accomplishments of your employees. Whatever the reason you’re speaking, it is imperative that your business plan be well organized and planned so that can get your message out and the audience will comprehend it. You need to plan your presentation in several different areas. Here are the types of business presentations you may be asked to give, and how to plan for them.

  • INFORMING—A lot of business presentations are the way business partners, management teams, executives, etc. communicate. They have selected audiences, and are meant to share information, brainstorm or provide ideas or opinions, to other members of the team. Sometimes you are expected to teach your audience specified information. Audience evaluation is important to prepare for presentations. You need to know what they already know, and how much you need to share with them. You can use references and share important ideas to them. If you have information about your audience, you can better make them understand your topic of discussion.
  • PERSUADING—Sometimes your main purpose is to persuade your audience to do something, believe something, or to make decisions based on your information. Sometimes these presentations are held within the company. Other times, you are expected to persuade other businesses. This may be to persuade them to work with your company. When you begin to put your persuasive speech together, you are going to mainly be trying to compel your audience. For this reason, you need to be able to have an effective argument
  • MOTIVATING—Sometimes, businesses have the need to have employees accept certain perceptive. They want to motivate them to action. You want to use persuasive tactics when preparing your presentation. The difference is, you want to persuade them to do or feel a certain way. You want them to do something your company feels is important. Motivational speeches work on the emotions and feelings of their audience. You need to evaluate your audience to know what their priorities are. You should know where their concerns lie and what motivates them. This way you can light a spark within them that can ignite and cause them to do what you want from them.
  • CELEBRATING—Sometimes you have reason for celebration. You may be asked to give a speech at the celebration. It may be an individual’s achievements, or sealing a big deal. Whatever the reason, they usually include giving toasts, inspirational speeches, memorial speeches or speeches of congratulations. Celebration speeches show someone’s individual or the business commitment to the company or their coworkers. When you prepare this type of presentation, you should do research about the person or event you’re celebrating, and the mood you want to bring about in your audience.

Whatever the type of business presentation you’re giving, it will have a definite focus, and a definite audience. Make sure you know what the focus is to be, and the type of audience you’ll be presenting to. If you do, and prepare thoroughly for it, you’ll give a successful business presentation.


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