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We’ve all heard the expression, and no doubt said, “Say what’s on your mind.” We mean for others to stand up for themselves, or to speak about the things that are bothering them. Of course, thinking before you speak is still important. Sometimes, saying what’s on your mind can be dangerous if you don’t choose your words or use the wrong tone. It is possible to get your point across diplomatically and politely. There’s no better forum for speaking your mind, than the world of public speaking.

It can be uncomfortable to say what’s on your mind, but never be afraid to take on the challenge. Don’t let speaking make you feel overwhelmed with anxiety. Just rip the band-aid off in one quick stroke? Take the opportunity to share what you think with others. Chances are you’ll find that others share your perspective, and you may enlighten someone who never thought of what you have to say in that way.

What is a speech? It is really nothing more complicated than a conversation with a lot of people. Most people are clearly articulate when speaking to their friends. You probably don’t think twice about speaking your mind to your friends. If you think of a speech like it is a conversation, it will make you feel very comfortable speaking what’s on your mind.

Giving a speech is more than just memory. Of course, you can speak what’s on your mind if it’s part of your memory. That’s a no brainer. Giving a good speech takes a little more. There are three things that really make a speech: Be clear and brief, give a strong delivery, and use the power of the moment.

There are a few things you can do to increase your memory and help when speaking what’s on your mind requires memorizing it:

Keep your stress at a minimum–When you are stressed and overwhelmed, your brain can barely remember the most basic tasks, such as where you put the car keys. Take a break. A long walk or a hot bubble bath can help reduce stress.

Be Creative—Keep your brain stimulated. Give it something creative and unexpected to deal with. If you don’t, it will simply slow down and age faster.

Visualization and meditation exercises—These help reprogram your brain by relaxing you and by changing your thinking pattern with new ideas and this can include improving memory.

Exercise your brain—Your brain needs stimulation. The more you stimulate it, the quicker and better it will be at remembering and new information. You can keep learning as long as you are alive.

Pay attention—Try to avoid background distractions and noises when you’re learning new material. When meeting new people, focus on them instead of you. Repeating their name will help you remember it too.

Public Speaking of any kind has everything to do with the mind. When you speak, whatever trick your mind is playing on you can have an effect on your audience. Whether you’re speaking from the memory of your mind, or the thoughts and concerns of your mind doesn’t matter. What’s important is, when you get to speak your mind and give a speech, always do it. Stand, be strong, and speak your mind!


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