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People in a sales conference or business presentation attend the event knowing they will be presented with the products or services the resource  speaker wishes to sell. Some of them are already convinced of the  product and willing to buy it, some are not sure, but willing to give it a try, while others just want to know and hear about it.

What is the most essential factor that will convince your audience that what you are selling to them is what you say it is and buy it? TRUST!

You must make them trust you, otherwise, you might just be talking to an empty room, making no impression at all.

How can you make your audience trust you? Here are some basic practices in public speaking that will help in gaining the trust of your audience.

Dress appropriately from head to toe, a sloppy appearance doesn’t make you look respectable,  least of all trustworthy

  • Speak to your audience by looking at them
  • Know your subject well
  • Be friendly

Looks easy, doesn’t  it? Anyone can follow these principles and be moderately successfully, but what is the distinction between a good speaker and a great speaker?

The great speaker emanates trust and sincerity. They know how to connect with their audience by putting themselves in their shoes and addressing  the unspoken apprehension and questions  the audience must be feeling at the moment.

A great speaker openly speaks about their listeners’ inner fears and dispels their doubts by sharing their own experience and connects with his audience through empathy. Trust, although not absolute as of yet, is grudgingly given to the speaker who shares a bond with their audience. A captured audience is then easy to speak to about anything.

Connect with them more by not standing behind the podium for the duration of your sales talk.  Make yourself approachable by being with your  audience,  circulate … make contact and LISTEN!

When they see that you care enough to listen and they feel important because of the attention you are giving them, trusting you and the product or service you are selling will be an easy way to convert into a close deal.

Your audience will then feel that they had an opportunity to listen to a great person with a great product  and will tell their family and friends about it. What a way to spread the word about yourself and your product!

So, be yourself, connect with your audience, then make a sale.




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