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From the desk of Alex C Ryan,

Dear public speaker,

Are you wanting to master public speaking and become a public speaking champion?

Are you looking to use public speaking in your business to generate more leads, more clients and more profits?

In this course I will reveal to you some of the advanced public speaking skills that professional public speakers use on a day to day basis that win them international competitions, you will also discover how public speaking can generate a full time income for you and enable you to quit your job and become a highly paid and sought after speaker travelling the world speaking at conventions and at other peoples seminars.

Nutritionist AND Public Speaker ... What?!

You may be thinking "Alex .. I don't think I can use public speaking in my business"

This is where I show you REAL examples of local businesses using speaking to generate more customers in their business than ever before..

If you love nutrition and keeping your body healthy then you’re going to love this … I've personally seen many small nutrition shops and businesses run "Free Information Evenings", these are great 2 hour presentations where they educate the public on the benefits on proper minerals, vitamins and supplements for the fast paced lifestyle we all live today. 

They then have vitamins for sale (which they offer to sell) and they make plenty of sales! plus whenever you need a quick "pump me up" vitamin pill in the future or even if you’re discussing this with a friend which business will you come to mind? That's right. That vitamin store than organized the seminar!

This is just one example of MANY that small businesses are turning to speaking to generate more SALES and PROFITS.


Great speakers are seen as the gurus and leaders in business, in the communities where they live, and in life in general. People have always been influenced (and probably always will be) by the entertaining speaker who knows how to connect emotionally with his or her audience.

By speaking on stage you instantly build credibility  by catapulting yourself to fame and fortune as a instant guru or expert in your niche, but are you a good speaker?

Good speakers get paid between $5,000 and $100,000 for only a few hours of work, can you think of any other industry that can match that amount of money for the same effort?

Unless you're a celebrity you'll find those figures a little intimidating. That's only if you're a good speaker, if however you're a great speaker with a few years experience under your belt you can be earning DOUBLE or even QUADRUPLE that!

"There Is Nothing Magical About Speaking on stage... It is A SYSTEM that anyone can master no matter their looks, age or current income" It doesn't matter whether you're an experienced speaker who has been speaking for a number of years or someone with nothing more than the determination to tap into the most powerfully lucrative industry in the world.

You too can master the speaking skills I teach in my course Speaker Training Masterclass

Here is what you will learn:

Influence - 7 strategies to get the audience to do whatever you want them to do
Advanced speaking skills that only professional speakers utilize (I'm revealing to you their closely guarded secrets)
Speaking biz building kit - How to build a speaking business from scratch speaking on something you love to teach about (what are you passionate about teaching)
Keeping them awake - 3 easy and quick ways to get your audience engaged and STAY engaged in your presentation
Getting them to do what you want - The art of audience persuasion and influencing
How to have rock-solid confidence - My strategies to overcoming nervousness and anxiety for ANY speech or presentation
Much much more!

In my course you will discover the newest and latest techniques professional speakers use and how to CASH in on the speaking business opportunity market and build your own speaking business from scratch.

Have you ever delivered a speech or presentation before? You most probably you have. So how did it go? Have you encountered any of the following while delivering it?

You have uncontrollable butterflies in your stomach

You tend to stutter and have and unclear voice and you find it difficult to speak properly

Your palms are sweaty, so are your hands ... in fact you're just sweating all over!

The audience are fidgety and find it hard to concentrate on your message

You find it difficult to make eye contact with your audience

You find that you're constantly conscious of the audiences reaction to your speech

If you answered YES to any of the above this may be the most important letter you read this year.

Many of my clients are from varied industries and niches. I've helped train existing businesses use public speaking to help boost their bottom line and I've also helped individuals wanting to START their coaching business from scrratch. Here are just a FEW of the businesses that have applied speaking to their businesses to generate them recurring monthly income and profits.

My speaking strategies that you'll discover in my course can be applied to 99.9% of ALL businesses to attract more customers, leads, appointments which means more SALES and PROFITS…

Are you an employee wanting to get out of the daily grind?

I can help you turn something you are passionate about into something you can teach others and edventually replace your income, FIRE your boss and start living the life you have always wanted!




Financial Planners Turning To Public Speaking!

When you here the term "financial planning" doesn't sound like an exciting seminar you would like to attend right?

Dead wrong! More financial planners are running seminars and these seminars are PACKED with people... That's right. They educate, inform and entertain their audience for 30-60 minutes. Educating them on life insurance, investments and superannuation, then they offer their services to anyone needing them.

Yellow pages, referrals and other "old school marketing methods" are slowly dying and being superseded by FREE LIVE events where you can build a REAL relationship and rapport with your customers and then offer your services. These events are killing it and right NOW is the perfect opportunity for you to do the same in your business!

At my event I share with you how you can launch your business within 90 days .. that’s right in as little as 90 days you can have your speaking/coaching business up and bringing in more customers … if you’re in business currently then even BETTER you can launch YOUR business in HALF the time, I show you how.


Reading "how to" books, forum posts is NOT the best way to "get good" at speaking in public. You can’t learn voice tonality, expressions and using humor from reading something. You’ve got to HEAR IT, if you’re going to really understand how you can do it too!

What if you could download to your MP3 players, iPhone or car stereo hard hitting interviews with some of the worlds best public speakers showing you how to speak with confidence, overcome anxiety, use humor, how to build rapport, storytelling and much more!

Wouldn’t listening to these breakthrough interviews inspire you to go out there and do it for yourself?

Now I want to introduce you to something that has already changed the lives of thousands of men and women around the world. You’re invited to join my "inner circle". Introducing …

Hi my name is Alex C Ryan also called often "Australia's Speaker Trainer". You may have seen me on television, heard me on radio or even seen me in local editorial articles in the Sydney Morning Herald.

I'm not a speaking guru, I'm a regular person just like you who mastered the speaking model at a young age and have been speaking for over 9  years for profit.

I started of just like you eager and hungry to learn how to speak and sell my product, in fact I tried every book, CD and DVD out there on persuasion, public speaking and selling and found that most of these programs were outdated and written in the 1980s! Some by writers  who have never stood on a stage before!

I was shocked that they were giving advice on speaking skills when they have never given a presentation in their life ...

I also found that most of the Cd's and DVDs out there had old techniques! and were very outdated and overused. Outdated information can't help you in a fast moving and highly competitive industry such as public speaking. 

So I decided to work with some major speakers in Australia and learn some of their best kept secrets, I travelled with them around the country, were mentored by them and learned there are a lot  of bad habits in professional speaking that some speakers adopt and never lose ... Which is why it's especially important to learn then RIGHT way.

I've personally built many speaking businesses from scratch (some of these businesses are generating nearly 7 figures in their second year of operation...) I've also helped many others with their seminar presentations and helped build their speaking business from the ground up.

All my achievements are great, however what I'm most happy about is the FREEDOM speaking has given me. I get invites to speak internationally at other peoples events regularly. I spend more time with my family and partner than ever before and I didn't do this working 13 hour days ... I worked SMARTER ... 

Using speaking in your business will free up so much more time for you and your family and enable you more TIME LEVERIDGE to do more with your life ... Spend more time with your children, travel to exotic places, lounge on a beach in Thailand and more ...

Here are just a few photos from my last few overseas trips where I spoke at a number of events ...

When are you going to get this part of your life handled? Are you going to keep dreaming that you’ll one day become the person who naturally speaks on stage with confidence and passion? Or are you going to stop wishing and do something about it NOW? Don’t you owe it to yourself to stop wasting time, and to finally learn from Australia’s top speaker trainer? on how to speak with more confidence than ever before and on how to use speaking as a way to catapult yourself to fame and fortune? How important is it that you? And how important is it that it happens NOW? Well, if it is important to you, then isn’t it reassuring that you have my advice every step of the way? We’ve experienced your problems … and solved them. We’ve got the answers you’re seeking. To your success and nothing less!

I spent the last few years searching and finally finding some of the worlds leading public speakers and cornering them for an interview.

Some of these speakers are ‘veterans’ of speaking and have been speaking for over 40 years! Imagine getting the wealth of experience, the “Do’s and Don’ts”  and specific shortcuts they used to becoming a top notch speaker.

Here is a sample of some of the great things you'll learn:

Overcome your fear of public speaking using simple breathing exercises and warm up techniques.

Prepare powerful structured speeches and presentations in 7 simple steps, I've outlined the whole process beginning to end on developing a powerful presentation.

How to manage any anxiety you may have with public speaking using a simple NLP techniques. You'll never feel nervous or anxious again on stage.

Identify the top 3 qualities any professional speaker should possess so you too can replicate the same qualities. I've met many speakers in my time and all the successful public speakers had these 3 essential qualities. Discover what they are.

Advance in your profession by applying some of the techniques in my book and you'll find that executive management will notice your efforts and promotions will come easier.

Discover how to sound natural, calm and enthusiastic at all times in your speech, learn how to relax your nerves and breeze through your presentation without a worry in the world, the audience will notice how relaxed you are.

How to sell your product or service for massive monetary gains and benefits, discover how you can profit from public speaking by selling your knowledge as an information product.

Know how to choose your topics well and how to ask questions of your audience, learn what questions to ask at the end of your presentation so as to increase the information retention rate of your audience.

How to use quality props and visual aids to capture the attention of the audience, learn what props to use and exercise to capture the imagination and attention of your audience ... and keep it.

Build rapport in an instant with your audience quickly and effectively using some of the stories I reveal, and what personal traits about yourself to reveal to create a strong emotional connection with your listeners.

Build confidence overall by using your public speaking skills to speak at all/any engagement that comes your way. People will be contacting YOU when they realize your speaking abilities.

Know how to deal with hecklers in case one should interrupt your presentation, it's important you handle this the right way.

and much, much, much more ...

The best part is you don't have to wait for this audio program to come in the mail, or drive to a store to get it. You can download it to your computer, ipod, iphone or mp3 player right now for only $97

When you invest in this Program right now you'll also get two companion programs (valued at almost $200!) that's right you'll receive my best selling eBook "7 Steps To Successful Speaking" and my latest audio “Be Heard — How To Capture Your Audiences Attention ... and Keep It" which I've recorded containing my NEWEST material…

In this additional bonus audio, “Be Heard — How To Capture Your Audiences Attention ... and Keep It"  I address one of the biggest problems that speakers face: they can't capture the audiences attention.

I've had so many speakers write to me saying that their content is killer and should be engaging the audiences’ attention however they just don't know what to say or how to stand out from the other speakers at the event.


In these TWO bonus programs you'll learn:

How to stand out and differentiate yourself from the other speakers at the event so the audience see you as the only logical choice.

The secret to lowering and raising your tone to get optimal attention, why you should increase your speech pace and slow it down and why this is important for mustering up attention.

How to use props, tricks and other items to capture the imagination of your audience and in why in some presentations you must stay away from these devices.

Why using video clips and credibility reels before your presentation is vital to your success as a platform closer, I'll show you how to use them to yield the best result.

and much, much, much more ...

Are you serious about conquering your fear of public speaking and delivering great and memorable speeches on a consistent basis, get awesome reviews and create raving fans? Would you like to learn how to hold an audience spellbound hanging on every word?

If so then wait no longer and act now to secure your place in the great speaking hall of fame.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  Sign up today. listen to all the interviews, and read all the bonuses. And if you're not happy, for any reason, inside the next 60 days. Simply contact us and get a full, no questions-asked refund. Either you love our stuff, or you don't pay a cent. We couldn't make it any more risk-free than that.

-- 60 Day Money Back Guarantee --

I'm so confident you'll love my "Speaking Mastery" Audio program plus the bonus mastery that I'm willing to guarantee it for 60 days. If for any reason you do not find yourself "wooing" audiences and creating sensational speeches or for any other reason you're not satisfied please contact us and we'll refund all your money in full.

To your speaking success!

Alex C Ryan ~ Australia's Speaker Trainer~

P.S. If you want a head start in any career or business then public speaking will catapult you there faster than anything else, executives and directors of major companies (and even small ones) are always looking for spokespeople and speakers to speak on the companies behalf and get "their name out there"

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