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Building trust to the audience is the most crucial part when it comes to public speaking. It is the first and the most important thing that every speaker must establish when speaking. If a speaker fails to build this trust, chances are, his audience will not listen to anything he would say and will not buy anything he would sell. So how do you earn your audience trust?

Trust may not be as delicate as it sound but eventually, earning trust in public speaking is really pretty simple. You need to establish this within first two or three minutes of the presentation. To build trust, you need to put these three things in your mind:

1. Be likable. The first thing you would want to convey to your audience is that you are a likable person. Talk in a warm and friendly way. You should maintain an eye to eye contact and behave well in front of your audience. Don’t forget to always wear your smile while talking. This will leave a good impression to your audience. Remember, first impression lasts.

2. Relate to them by finding common ground. The next thing you must bear in mind is what his target audience are like. Finding commonality with the audience will make them feel acknowledged and identified. If you are speaking to a family oriented audience, then talk a bit about family. If it is a business seminar then talk a little about your business experiences. You don’t have to talk about their life or your life, just show something that you can identify them.

3. Be emphatic. The next important thing that a speaker should remember in gaining the trust of his audience is to be emphatic. Start talking about a problem that your audience already experienced. This will make them think that you are in the same footing. Your audience will more likely to listen if they think that you are going through the same pain. As much as possible relate this empathy to your topic and weave it into your presentation.

When the audience learn to trust the speaker, they will be far more responsive and attentive to the topic. Building a good rapport in public speaking is crucial. It does not happen in just two to three sentences. But once this is build, you can make sure that the audience understand and believe what you are saying.

Getting the trust of an audience is one of the first mechanisms in public speaking that need to be built. If the audience doesn’t trust you, they won’t listen to anything you’re saying; they also won’t buy anything you have to sell. So how do you build trust?

It’s really pretty simple. The first thing you need to convey is that you’re a likable person. You’re warm and friendly, you smile a lot, and you look them in the eye. Behave as if you have a friend that is introducing you to them for the first time.

The next step is finding a commonality with your audience. If you’re speaking to an audience that is family oriented, talk a bit about your family. If this is a business seminar, talk a little about some of your experiences with business. If it is specifically a company seminar, then relate with some of the people you know in that company. You don’t have to give your life story, just a something to show you can identify with them.

Next, start talking about a common problem that your audience experiences. Make their problem one that you have to deal with, as well. This helps them to see you as being on the same footing as they are; they relate to you because you are going through the same pain as they are. Make sure that this problem relates with your seminar topic so that you can weave it into the presentation.

You need to build this trust within the first two or three minutes of the presentation. Remember these three elements for building trust:

  1. Be likable.
  2. Relate to them by finding common ground.
  3. Be empathetic to their problems.

Once you build this trust they will be far more receptive to your topic and will listen much more attentively. When it comes time to close, they’ll know that they a can believe what you’re saying because you have laid the groundwork for trust.


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