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Professional speakers are looked up to, because of their expertise in their field and with it comes a responsibility to dress up and act the part wherever they go.

Dressing appropriately for every occasion is important for professional speakers because unknowingly or unintentionally it will  reflect on their credibility and professionalism based on human nature’s propensity to judge people by their outward appearance and behavior.

Their wardrobe need not consist only of boring suits and ties for men or blazers  and slacks/dresses/skirts for women. What is important is that they look good and act respectably always, whatever the function or occasion they are attending in public. For what good will a good outfit do if you are uncouth in manners?

Being away from the stage without a speaking engagement does not mean they don’t have to  take care of their personal appearance, hygiene and manners anymore. Professional speakers at all times should be conscious of how they project themselves to people who are their audience.

Even though it is not good to judge a person by the clothes they wear, it is a sad fact that we do gauge a person’s personality by their attire. It has been proven that someone who is  well-dressed and polite gets preferential treatment over another who is  also in good clothes but is rude, and much more so over someone who is unkempt.

Human nature judges the status of a person by their attires and demeanor  and associate it with social status, position, educational attainment and breeding. Professional speakers especially those who have gained popularity and are therefore easily recognizable should then be conscious of this social behavior and set an example for younger, upcoming speakers.

The professional speaker’s wardrobe does not only consist of the clothes they wear, it also includes the manner in which they wear them.


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